Christian Homeschooling Curriculum
How to Find Materials
We know it can be overwhelming to search through all the possible products, so we have categorized our products in several ways. First, you can search by subject by clicking on the appropriate “Subjects” category. These general categories are further divided into the most common topics. For example, when you click on “Writing,” you will find the subcategories of: Grammar, Grammar Manipulatives, Penmanship, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Writing Skills.

When you click on the subtopic, all the products that fit that topic are listed in alphabetical order, including a picture so you can see what you will get, product number, grade level, and price. By clicking on the picture or title, you can get a full description of the product. These descriptions tell you what is covered in the material, the number of pages, and how to use the product. We try to make these descriptions as practical as possible - we don’t just rely on “sales copy.” In many cases, we offer additional tips from homeschoolers who have used the materials.

By clicking on the “Series Notes,” you can get information about the publisher’s program and how the series is designed. “Lori’s Notes” offer specific tips on how to use the product.

One unique feature of our product descriptions is the “Profile Notes.” Every product is categorized by learning styles to help you match the curriculum to your child’s own learning style. By clicking on the “Learning Styles Helps” button, you can find definitions and all sorts of information to help you select the best material. You can also use the “Learning Profile Search” under the Search Button to look for curriculum that matches your child’s learning profile: visual, auditory, hands-on, thinking style, personality type, and natural talents or “intelligences.”

Our “Advanced “Search” lets you find products by age, grade, publisher, author, title, subject, price – all sorts of search criteria. All Christian publishers are marked with a cross by the name so you can easily identify the Christian homeschooling curriculum. When you search, you won’t be bombarded with anything and everything that remotely matches your search. We have a highly sophisticated search tool that limits the results to only those criteria you selected. The list comes up in alphabetical order by Title – not by the most expensive items first – so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Other Helpful Information
Our goal is to give you as much information as we can so that you know exactly what to expect “up-front,” yet make it easy for you to navigate through our web pages. Our “Quick Help Links” connect you directly to typical questions such as shipping rates, payment methods, return policy, and privacy policy. Or you can click on the same headings on the menu bar at the top of the page, right under our name. You can also order a catalog by clicking on the Quick Help Links or on the “Order Our Free Catalog” button further down the homepage. If you already know the catalog item numbers for the products you want to order, you can click on our “Quick Order” Button as a short-cut. Be sure to check out our “Specials” for savings on many related books and home school material.

Home Schooling is legal in every state, but each state sets its own requirements and regulations, so we have provided a link to the major home school support groups in each state under the “Legal Questions” Button. The support group sites offer contact information for families doing homeschool in your area, as well as information about the legal requirements specific to your state. Once you know these guidelines, you can select the curriculum that meets your state’s regulations.

Learning Styles