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     While most states do not consider Biblical Studies to be a core subject in home schooling, it is the centerpiece for the Christian home school. Training up a child means more than just providing academics; it also involves character training, preparing the child to be a productive member of society, and making wise choices. The best homeschooling programs provide this invaluable instruction in biblical values and morals.
     You will find both structured homeschooling curriculum and more informal home schooling supplies such as “real books” and Bible study references in this section that fit any approach to Christian homeschooling. The structured programs in the younger years focus on the main events and people in the Bible, how we got the Bible, and basic principles of the Christian life. For a preschool homeschool, we recommend looking at the many Bible stories and readers in this section. The middle school curriculum provides more detailed Bible surveys and real-life applications. Supplemental activities encourage Bible exploration and becoming familiar with your Bible. Programs for older students go into more in-depth study, including how to study the Bible and use the numerous references available. For those doing high school at home, we have put together our own Bible Study Kits that develop a habit of Bible study and help to build a home reference library for your young adult.
     You can also find additional Christian homeschool curriculum in our Electives section. These materials focus on developing a biblical worldview, apologetics, and character training. All of our offerings are from an evangelical viewpoint and do not push any particular denomination.

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