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Curriculum Packages

Basic Curriculum Package (BASC)
Comprehensive Curriculum Package (COMP)
Lifepac Core Curriculum Package
Mid-Year Supplement (SUPP)
Non-University-Bound Curriculum Package (NON-U)
School@Home Curriculum Package
Standard Curriculum Package (STND)
Switched-On Schoolhouse Curriculum

     One of the advantages in home schooling is the flexibility it provides in using homeschooling curriculum that fits your child’s particular educational needs and interests. But the number of homeschool textbooks and home schooling supplies now available can be overwhelming. Whether doing Christian homeschooling, high school at home, or a less intensive homes school, the choices are mushrooming.
     So we designed our packages to be a bit of a short cut for you as you look at the various curriculum for homeschool. Think of the packages as a starting point. They show you what the standard topics and subjects are for each grade. Each track has been pre-configured to fit specific situations that are common among homeschoolers. Read through the descriptions of each package and the corresponding list of criteria to help you select the best homeschooling materials for your family. You can also substitute different publishers, topics, or grade-level materials.
     Our preschool homeschool materials tend to be less structured, emphasizing learning through play and exploration. Our elementary packages introduce students to the key skills in learning and provide plenty of practice. Our middle school curriculum is geared toward helping the student master essential skills. We have high school curriculum for the college-bound and for those planning on pursuing vocational training or other non-college activities. In short, we have the home schooling supplies and materials required for doing high school at home. It can be done!

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