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     One glance at our electives section will give you an idea of the extent of home schooling supplies available. It includes the typical electives such as art, music, and foreign language, as well as topics of particular interest to Christian home schooling. We consider these topics foundational – they include life skills, character training, worldview training, and materials for those doing high school at home to prepare your young adult. This section also includes our preschool homeschool resources.
     For those doing Christian homeschooling, we recognize that many of the resources included here are considered essentials rather than electives. But we opted to use this term in order to help those who have to fit their homeschooling curriculum to state requirements. There are some homeschool textbooks here for the elective subjects, but most of the resources are less structured.
     For the high school homeschool, at least one or two electives are included in the minimum number of credits each year. The typical high school and college-entrance requirements expect four to eight credits of electives for graduation. Of course the electives you choose will be based on the student’s interests and future vocation.

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