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Current Issues/Worldview

     You will find only a handful of supplemental items in this category and no specific homeschooling curriculum. That’s because we have worked hard to categorize the abundance of curriculum for homeschool into topics that make sense to the average person. We didn’t want you to have to scroll through a long list of miscellaneous homeschooling supplies to find something for a particular subject.
     Plus our advanced search option helps you find materials for different grade levels such as preschool homeschool, elementary programs, middle school curriculum, and high school curriculum. You can also search by publisher, grade level, age, title, item type, author, and item number. Our unique learning profile search lets you find resources that match your child’s learning style so you can put together the best homeschooling for your family.
     For the Christian homeschool, we have put a cross after any publisher who has indicated to us that they provide Christian materials. In most cases, we have a written statement of faith from the organization. Any other home school supplies included here can be considered “neutral,” meaning they do not undermine biblical values.

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