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     This is considered a core subject, meaning that students should have some sort of math training each year in the homes school. Almost all structured homeschool textbooks in math are sequential. That is, the skills build upon one another year after year, with lots of review and practice. Most skills are covered across three years so that students have a chance to master the baseline skill.
     Although the majority of the homeschooling curriculum in this section is from Christian publishers, math is math and the topics covered are the same as in most school programs. The only exception is that these publishers do not use the convoluted “new math” procedures. As far as state standards go in home schooling, arithmetic deals with computations and operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) while mathematics deals with using these operations in different applications. All of our math homeschooling curriculum should cover state requirements. The supplemental workbooks and hands-on resources may not be substantial enough to be used alone as a curriculum for homeschool.
     For the preschool homeschool, the resources focus on learning the numerals and how to count. The elementary materials all teach the basic skills needed, although when a particular skill is introduced may vary from publisher to publisher. The middle school curriculum focuses on ensuring mastery of all the basic skills and arithmetic operations across all types of numbers (whole numbers, percents, decimals, and fractions). Pre-geometry and pre-algebra skills are also included at this level; some publishers are including these in the elementary programs as well.
     For the high school homeschool, we offer the typical sequence of math credits: algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, and advanced math (trig, precalculus, etc.). We also offer other topics that can be counted for math credit such as business math, consumer math, marketing, statistics, and accounting. The majority of the high school curriculum choices can be completed by the student with minimal parental involvement.

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