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     This is considered a core subject in curriculum for homeschool, although you donít necessarily have to teach science every day in the younger grades. Science is a topical subject, which means each field of science can be studied on its own, in any order, without having to build upon a previous topic. This also means that there is no set order for covering the various fields of science in homeschooling curriculum.
     In the home schooling setting, you can choose topics that interest the student most in the early years, creating a love for exploring Godís creation throughout life. For the preschool homeschool, science revolves around exploring nature and hands-on activities. Most homeschool textbooks for the elementary grades use a sampling approach Ė studying different aspects of each field of science in one year. For instance, a student may cover magnets (physical science), earthís structure and core make-up (earth science), the planets (astronomy), the senses (biology), and plants (life science) in one grade and then cover other topics within those same areas the following year.
     The middle school curriculum typically offers a more in-depth survey of each of the fields in preparation for high school. The typical sequence for high school is earth or physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics or other science elective; this sequence takes into account the corresponding math skills necessary.
     The majority of products in this section come from Christian home school curriculum. This is because the secular publishers present evolution as accepted fact based on loads of evidence. Which is not true. Christian homeschooling curriculum, on the other hand, presents evolution as a theory along with creationism, and analyzes the evidence for each. This is what the scientific method is all about, even if evolutionists donít follow the method when evaluating science curriculum.

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