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Social Studies/History

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     This is considered a core subject in curriculum for homeschool. It includes history, geography, culture, government and politics, society, economics, and current events. Most homeschool textbooks incorporate all of these topics into the history program when it is age-appropriate. History is considered a topical subject, which means it can be studied in any order without having to build upon the previous topic. You can either go through the material in chronological order or by topic. In the home schooling setting, you can choose topics that interest the student most in the early years, creating a love for “His-story” throughout life. Many of the “living books” in this category bring history alive through the real-life biographies and story format of the events that influence our lives today. This flexibility in resources allows you to choose the approach that will provide the best homeschooling experience for your family.
     The topical approach assumes that younger students will be able to relate to things around them, so they begin with families, neighborhoods, and holidays, and build from there. Middle school curriculum typically begins the chronological approach, surveying the primary time periods in preparation for high school. High school curriculum covers the topics required for college entrance in-depth: geography, US history, World History, and Government/Economics.
     Christian homeschool curriculum tends to put more emphasis, particularly at the elementary level, on learning history (as opposed to social studies) so that the student has a framework for understanding the flow of history and how societies have changed over time. There is also more attention given to ensuring that students recognize and appreciate the Christian heritage of this nation, given the growing trend to “rewrite” our history to fit political agendas. This is one of the key advantages of Christian home schooling, particularly when doing high school at home. You have more opportunity to prepare and train the young adult to have a positive influence in the community and to impact society.

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