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Thinking Skills

General Thinking Skills
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History Thinking Skills
Mathematics Thinking Skills
Reading Thinking Skills
Science Thinking Skills

     The resources in this section may not be considered a core subject in homeschooling curriculum – such as language arts, science, math, and history - but they are crucial to every one of these core subjects. Thinking skills, sometimes called critical thinking, are analysis skills that are used in every subject across all age levels. In the preschool homeschool, thinking skills such as recognizing patterns, sequencing, and distinguishing similarities and differences prepares the child for learning to read. Elementary thinking skills deal with time sequencing, recognizing relationships, and connecting new material to previously learning concepts in order to making sense of what is taught and retain it better.
     In the middle school curriculum, thinking skills teach the student: to synthesize information across subjects in order to understand how and why things happen; how to study and be self-taught; how to determine main ideas, supporting ideas, and author’s purpose; and how to organize information in a meaningful way. The high school curriculum teaches upper level critical thinking skills such as worldview analysis, evaluation of evidence, faulty reasoning, and how to read different types of materials for different purposes.
     For those of you who are homeschooling high school students, this is a key section for preparing the young adult for college with study skills and for careers with problem-solving skills. Some sort of worldview training and exposure to apologetics is highly recommended for those doing Christian homeschooling.

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