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Unit Studies

Designing Unit Studies
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Unit Study Resources

     A unit study is more a method used for homes school rather than a specific curriculum for homeschool. Unit studies try to take a more integrative approach to learning. Rather than study separate subjects in an unrelated manner, this approach takes a topic and covers it across the subjects. For example, you may do a unit study on horses in which you study the anatomy, life cycle, and behavior of horses (science); learn about the different breeds and where they were developed (history/science/geography); examine different equine animals (biomes/geography); read the novel ďBlack BeautyĒ (reading); study passages from books on horses (grammar, language usage, language mechanics); put together a spelling and vocabulary list based on the topic; and have the student write a short story or research paper about horses (writing and grammar).
     This is considered a more relaxed, if not more effective, method in home schooling. As you may suspect, it requires more planning on the teacherís part to coordinate the different home schooling supplies and resources needed. Because it is often less systematic, it is easier to do in a preschool homeschool or at the elementary level. It becomes harder to do with a middle school curriculum or homeschool high school, although it can be done. In these cases, families often opt to do a shorter-term unit study and intersperse it with more structured homeschooling curriculum. A separate math program is needed. This approach is also popular in a Christian home school, with Bible principles being the consistent thread throughout all of the subjects.
     The products found in this section tend to be more general, giving tips on how to use unit studies and offering supplemental resources. Thatís because many of the more specific unit studies are tied to particular books and resources. These can become outdated quickly and can be difficult to use if you canít find the designated books.

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