Homeschooling Curriculum
Who We Are
At we want you to feel like you’re walking into the corner store in town and purchasing your materials from people you know and trust. We are owned by a company that started in the homeschool business almost before there was home schooling. Our parent company, Mott Media, began in 1974 out of an interest in teaching, a concern for the erosion of values in education, and a desire to preserve our Christian heritage. The home school movement was in its infancy and there weren’t many homeschool programs, so we republished Ray’s Arithmetic, McGuffey’s Readers, Harvey’s Grammar and Spencerian Penmanship. In 1994, Mott Media launched the Homeschooling Book Club and soon after, the website We have been committed to providing the home school community with good materials and good service at great prices.

Christian Homeschool Curriculum

What We Offer offers a variety of homeschool curriculum resources, name-brand publishers, and supplemental materials at discounted prices to help you maximize your homeschool program. Our slogan, “Education in the Shadow of the Cross,” highlights our commitment to provide quality Christian homeschool curriculum. Our goal is not to provide anything and everything, but rather products that can help you reach your particular goals effectively and efficiently. We evaluate products in terms of quality, educational impact, comprehensiveness, cost effectiveness, learning styles, flexibility, specific needs being met, overall value, and compatibility with Biblical truth. With over 100 publishers, we offer a range of products from unit studies, to “living books,” to structured textbooks, hands-on materials, and supplemental workbooks.

We carry many of the major Christian home school publishers, including Alpha Omega Curriculum, Apologia Curriculum, Janice VanCleave Science, Bob Jones Curriculum, Beautiful Feet, Christian Liberty Press, Switched-On Schoolhouse, History Alive, Mystery of History, Mott Media, and Progeny Press - just to name a few.

We also carry many major 'Christian friendly' secular publishers homeschooling curriculum, including Modern Curriculum Press, Key Curriculum, Common Sense Press, Easy Grammar, DIVE computer software for Math and Science, Saxon Math and other Saxon subjects, Explode the Code, and Writing Strands.