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     In home schooling, reading is considered part of the language arts curriculum. This section includes homeschool textbooks for a structured reading program, homeschooling curriculum that uses graded readers, and “real books” that can be used to build fluency and develop comprehension skills. The real books are further categorized into biographies, children and youth fiction, historical fiction, and literature. The literature section includes “classics” that are typically part of a middle school curriculum and high school curriculum.
     The phonics, phonics maniuplatives, and reading skills and comprehension sections offer homeschooling supplies that teach the child how to read. Learning to read is a sequential process that happens in stages. Global students will take longer to master reading, and often benefit from the variety of hands-on resources available here.
The materials cover a wide range of methods for the homes school, and cover each stage: sound-letter connections, reading fluency, basic comprehension, and advanced critical thinking skills. For the preschool homeschool, the resources focus on pre-reading skills such as letter recognition and phonemic awareness (hearing and distinguishing the sounds of our language).
     The majority of homeschooling curriculum in reading is from Christian publishers. The stories are graded readers that develop skills and reinforce biblical values and our Christian heritage. The literature section includes classics (often not from Christian publishers) that have stood the test of time, model good writing, and/or contain characters and storylines that clearly show the battle between good and evil. For the Christian home school, we offer study guides that critique novels based on a biblical worldview.
     For the homeschool high school, students are expected to have a foundation in literature, including world and/or British lit, American lit, and some form of literary analysis.

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