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Shipping & Returns

What are your shipping rates?
Click here for a detailed chart of our Shipping Methods & Rates


What is your return policy?
Click here for an explanation of our Return Policy


Will I get a notice when my order ships?
Yes, we send email notices when an order ships. Please setup your spam filter to accept emails from This is an automated process so spam challenges can not be answered. If your order was sent by UPS, the UPS Tracking Number will be included in your email. Please read the shipping options carefully to determine when you can expect your order. If you feel that it has been too long since you placed your order and you haven't receive it yet, please contact us through our Customer Service Department . We will check on your order and get back with you as soon as possible. Please note that your requests will be answered during our business hours which are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern United States Time Zone, Monday through Friday.


What should I do if there is something missing from my order?
Before you submit a "Missing Item Report" please unwrap all shrink-wrapped packages and check each item. We shrink-wrap items together to protect them during shipping. There isn't any specific method to the grouping of items in a shrink-wrapped package. Please unwrap each package and check each item.

Please check to see if the "Missing" items in your order have been back-ordered. There is a document titled in red "ITEMS THAT ARE BACKORDERED" attached to the shipping documents that were sent with your order. Backordered items are generally shipped within one week of your order. You may check the status of any back orders online.

If you still find that an item is missing, you may submit a "Missing Item Report" by clicking on the Contact Us button on the top navigation bar and selecting the "Customer Service - Missing Item Department" link. We make the highest efforts to try to guarantee that your order is shipped complete and correct. Shipping errors are rare since each order undergoes electronic verification before it is shipped. But if we do make a mistake, we will quickly ship you the item(s) that are missing.


Can I place and order and pick it up at your warehouse in Fenton, Michigan?
Yes, we have a "Pickup" option to our shipping selections. Select the "Pickup" option and you will be notified by email when your order is ready to be picked up. The email will contain a link to a map to our warehouse in Fenton, Michigan. The map contains hours and directions. You may be required to present picture identification such as a drivers license when you pick up your package(s). The Pickup entrance is located on the side of the building.
For a map to our warehouse in Adobe® Acrobat® Reader format Click Here.
If you do not have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader Click Here for a Browser Version.


Can I place an order and have it shipped to a country other than the United States or Canada?
Sorry, but we are no longer shipping to countries other than the United States or Canada.


Payment Methods

Can I pay for my order with a Paper Check, Cashier's Check, or Money Order?
Yes, to pay by Paper Check (not an e-check), Cashier's Check or Money Order place the items that you wish to purchase in your shopping cart (or you may wish to fill out our paper order form that can be found in our catalog or by Clicking Here and printing it). If you wish to use the internet shopping cart, please place all items that you are interested in your shopping cart. When your order is complete, click on the "Begin Check Out" button on the shopping cart page. "Log In" if you haven't already done so. Select the type of "Shipping" you prefer and click on "Checkout." When the Check Out page comes up it will show you the items that you ordered and the amount added for shipping (and taxes if the shipping address is located in Michigan). Please print out this Check Out page and mail it (or your paper order form) and your complete payment to the address given below. When we receive your order and payment we will begin processing your order.

PLEASE NOTE: Checks take two weeks to clear the bank. Your bank does not notify us when your check has cleared, it only notifies us if it doesn't clear so all check orders are held 2 weeks (10 business days).

Cashier's Checks or Money Orders will be processed immediately.

Mail your printed order and complete payment to:
    Attn: Website Orders
    1130 Fenway Circle
    Fenton, MI 48430


Can I pay for my order Online using my Checking Account?
Yes, you may pay using our E-Check option. With this option you may pay for your order online using your Checking Account. The transfer of funds occurs much like a regular paper check. Sorry, E-Check is only available for accounts drawn on U.S. banks. Your order will be held for 10 business days until your E-Check clears the bank. The only information that you are asked to give is the same information printed on your paper checks. No confidential information is asked for. You can place an order using E-Check just as you would an order that would be paid for using a Charge Card. When you get to the Check Out page select "E-Check" from the "Payment Method" drop down box. Then you just fill out the information that the form requires; all of which is printed on your paper checks.

PLEASE NOTE: E-Checks are processed the same as paper checks. It take two weeks to clear the bank. Your bank does not notify us when your check has cleared, it only notifies us if it doesn't clear so all E-Check orders are held 2 weeks (10 business days).


Can I place my Order by Phone and pay for it using my Checking Account?
Yes, you may place your order by phone and we can process your check payment using the E-Check processing service. This will also work if you wish to pay directly from your saving account. Sorry, E-Check is only available for U.S. bank accounts. No information will be asked for that isn't already printed on your check. Your order will be held for 10 days to allow the check to clear the bank and then it will be shipped promptly.

PLEASE NOTE: E-Checks are processed the same as paper checks. It take two weeks to clear the bank. Your bank does not notify us when your check has cleared, it only notifies us if it doesn't clear so all E-Check orders are held 2 weeks (10 business days).


Which Credit Cards do you accept?
We accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Diners Club, & Discover cards.
We also accept E-Checks drawn on US Banks.


Which Dollar "$" are your prices quoted in?
All prices are quoted in United States dollars (US $).



Do you have curriculum or a package that does not contain religious materials?
When we list the publisher, we include a cross symbol after the name of Christian publishers. If there is no cross symbol, then the publisher is a secular (non-religious) company.

The resources available to homeschoolers from secular companies tend to be supplemental workbooks, hands-on activities, and activity books. Only recently have secular textbook companies offered their products to homeschoolers. In most of these cases, they are previous editions since the school systems do not want current textbooks and answer keys to be available outside of the classroom.

Because of the demand for families who need to do school at home, yet within the supervision of the public school system, we do offer the School-At-Home package. Only textbooks from secular sources are included.

If you need something more flexible than the School-At-Home structured textbooks, it is still possible to use the other packages even though they include resources from Christian publishers. Generally when people ask this question, they do not want their children subjected to attempts to “convert” them. None of the programs we offer push a specific denominational doctrine in order to convert a student. The focus is on providing sound instruction.

This instruction is based on Christian values found in the Bible. In some cases, passages from the Bible may be used in reading or grammar as an example, in the same manner as a passage from “The Illiad” or one of Robert Frost’s poems may be quoted. A well-rounded student should have no problem being exposed to a variety of literature.


In history, the curriculum accurately reflects the Christian foundation of this nation. This is a fact that cannot be changed, no matter how much historians try to rewrite history. Again, part of education is examining the truth, even when it doesn’t necessarily coincide with what is politically correct at the moment.

The fact that many homeschooling organizations are Christian-based should not be surprising, since it was Christians who, for the most part, pioneered the movement. The fact that the majority of homeschooling curriculum is Christian-based is because these pioneers wanted to return to the values and educational standards that train up students who are morally sound, academically sound, and productive citizens.


I'm new to Homeschooling how do I get started?
Please click on the following link to open our Getting Started page.


How do I get more copies of your order forms?
You can print out copies of our order forms by Clicking Here to download our Acrobat Reader (.pdf) version and then printing it on your computer's printer.


What is your Privacy Policy?
Click here for a complete description of our Privacy Policy.


Looking for the Homeschool Resource Center?
The Homeschool Resource Center is now closed. You may, however, order your materials on line or by using our catalog and select "Pickup" for the shipping option. You can then pick up your order at our warehouse which is also located in Fenton, Michigan at 1130 Fenway Circle across the street from the Fenton Cinema. For more information you can call our toll-free number 1-866-473-0737and talk to one of our customer service representatives. Thank you for your patronage. We hope you will stay with us through our online store


Do you have a printed catalog and how can I get one?
Yes, we print catalogs annually and they are mailed to existing customers in the Spring. Sorry, but we only mail catalogs to the United States and Canada. To order a Catalog please click here and then fill out the simple form. A catalog will be sent to you, free of charge, in a few days.


How do I cancel one or more items on an order that I have already placed?
The best way is to call us promptly when we open on the next business day. You should also send an email to our Customer Service Department to inform us of the changes in your order. We will do everything we can to catch the order before it ships. If we haven’t been informed of your changes before the order is shipped, any items that are returned will fall under our Return Policy.


How can I check on the status of an order that I have placed?
To check the status of your order please click here: Order Status. You will be asked to log in first if you haven't already done so. Then a page with all of your past orders will be displayed with the current status of each. If you feel that an order is taking too long to arrive, please check the with the shipping company using the tracking number (if one is given) first before contacting our Customer Service Department.

Our business hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. If an order was not shipped by Quality or Superior service, we will not be able to tell you any status other than the day it was shipped.


How do I know if I can home school in my area and what the requirements are?
We can not give legal advice about home schooling. We can however direct you to the website(s) for your area. Please click here to view a list of websites that contain information about home schooling.


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