The Test Packet includes a structured test for each unit of the student reader. The test answers are included in the back of the packet.

The history of the past three hundred years is a story of a God-blessed land. Unlike most history texts, this book does not ignore God’s hand in our history. Children do not need to sit and dream how the wonderful work of building our noble nation was done; they can read it all here in language simple enough for the youngest children to understand. This work from Christian Liberty Press provides an interesting account of our history along with review questions at the end of each chapter that make it possible to use this volume as a textbook.

A Child's Story of America - Tests

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  • ISBN-10: 1930092954
    ISBN-13: 9781930092952
    Publisher: Christian Liberty Press
    Edition: Second
    Format: Misc Book
    Grade 4
    Topic:Social Studies/History - Elementary History