The EZ-101 series gives an overview of typical college-level general education courses (material presented in high school courses), outlining the major study keys.

The book contains classroom-style notes that emphasize important facts about American literature, major authors, and key terms needed for tests and papers, or for a broad-based understanding of literature.

Topics outlined include: the Colonial Period such as Bradford, Jonathan Edwards and Ben Franklin; the New Republic with Paine, Jefferson and Madison; American Romanticism such as Emerson, Cooper, and Melville; the Continental Nation such as Twain, Dickinson and James; the Progressive era with Sandburg and Frost; modernism; Hemingway; Steinbeck; Updike; and modern poets. While this is not a full-fledged textbook, it can be used to supplement a literature course that is based on reading whole books rather than an anthology course. If you are using a structured lit program, this book can serve as a good study tool to ensure understanding of key terms and authors.

American Literature EZ-101

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    Publisher: Barrons Educational
    Format: Paperback Book
    Grade 9, 10, 11, 12
    Topic: Reading - Literature

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