Dr. Wiener offers practical advice on how to help children make their way through the maze of assignments and exercises related to classroom reading. Parents learn how to be “reading helpers” without replacing or superseding the teacher—by supporting a child’s reading habits and sharing the pleasures of fiction, poetry, and prose.

Through comfortable conversation and enjoyable exercises that tap children’s natural abilities, parents can help their child practice the critical thinking and reading skills that guarantee success in the classroom and beyond. This second edition includes a new chapter describing the benefits of encouraging children to keep a journal of their personal reactions to books, the value of writing in the books they own (underlining, writing in the margins, and making a personal index), and a variety of reading activities to help children interact with writers and their books. Dr. Wiener has also expanded and updated his recommended books for children of all ages, complete with plot summaries. Written in simple, accessible prose, Any Child Can Read Better offers sensible advice for busy parents concerned with their children’s education.

Any Child Can Read Better

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  • ISBN-10: 0195102185
    ISBN-13: 9780195102185
    Publisher: Oxford University Press
    Format: Paperback
    Edition: Second
    Page Count: 276
    Author: Harvey S. Wiener
    Topic: Literature, Reading