This series offers focused practice in key skills that should be mastered by the end of 8th grade. It can be used to supplement any math program. Since these are practice exercises, there is no teaching material, which means it cannot be used as a curriculum on its own. The answers are included in the back of the book.

This workbook covers: measuring tools; balance scale; customary units; metric units; estimating; computation with customary units and metric units; converting units; choosing operations; mixed problem-solving; using tables and graphs; weight conversions; interplanetary weights; recipe conversions; karats; and non-standard units of weight. 48 pp.

Applications in Mass & Weight

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  • ISBN-10: 073982726X
    ISBN-13: 9780739827260
    Publisher: Harcourt Achieve
    Format: Paperback
    Age: 11, 12, 13
    Grade: 6, 7, 8
    Topic: Math, Arithmetic, Measurement