This upper level music appreciation course exposes students to the basics of music, the forms of music, and music history.  Topics include: instrument families, the orchestra, and the human voice; rhythm, melody, harmony and expressive controls; forms of music such as canon, fugue, sonata and concerto; musical eras such as the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Impressionism; famous composers; music technology and careers; and music in the life of a Christian.

This is a complete course sold as a package.  The student text is full-color and divided into four units.  It is NOT a consumable workbook, so multiple students can use it.  It includes two CDs that contain samples of music from each era and other selections highlighted in the text. Occasionally, other outside selections are suggested, but these are popular compositions that can be found easily.  

The teacher’s guide contains 36 lesson outlines that give the learning objectives, materials needed, a listing of the recordings to be used, suggested activities, and pointers on how to evaluate student progress.  Tests and answer keys are included.  The guide also includes a variety of activity sheets that can be reproduced within the family for multiple students. The materials list directs teachers to show an actual instrument from each family of the orchestra.  This is not necessary to complete the lesson; a poster or other visual should suffice.

Many states are passing new educational standards that include one year of fine and/or performing arts credit for high schoolers. This music course can be used to meet this requirement.

Appreciating Music Set

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