Book Links are individual literature units that combine real books with suggested activities. Each packet includes the book and a pocket folder that contains teaching directions, suggested multi-sensory activities, and blackline reproducibles.  The goal is to provide guided experience in reading, enjoying, and analyzing real books.  Written from a Christian perspective, if focuses on scriptural applications that help build character and discernment.  Whenever possible, connections are made to other subject areas. For use with BJUP's Reading 4.

Wolves, weather, a black lamb, a trusty dog - all are part of Peter's life on a mountain farm. His best friend is Benj, a wise old shepherd, and Benj teaches him to care for the sprightly lamb that becomes his own special pet, his cosset. As Biddy grows into her place as leader of the flock, Peter grows, too, learning the skills and joys of the shepherd's life.

Book Links: Mountain Born - Set

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  • ISBN-10: 1579242596
    ISBN-13: 9781579242596
    Publisher: BJU Press
    Format: Other
    Author: Elizabeth Yates
    Grade 4, 5, 6, 7
    Topic:Reading - Reading Skills and Comprehension

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