The packet includes the book and a pocket folder that contains teaching directions, suggested multi-sensory activities, and blackline reproducibles.  The goal is to provide guided experience in reading, enjoying, and analyzing real books.  Written from a Christian perspective, if focuses on scriptural applications that help build character and discernment.  Whenever possible, connections are made to other subject areas.

The little town of Blueberry Dell is expecting a visit from the High Prince. The mayor, Lady Mole, Printer Mole, and the others are in a flurry to prepare Clover Hall and outdo each other in getting the best of everything for the Prince. But when compassionate Happy Mole wants to take time to help a humble traveler, the more "proper" residents scold him; then they send him and the traveler away.

Although the town is ready for the Prince when he arrives - with a feast and decorations and a specially built brass bed - they are shocked to discover what the Prince considers "the best of Blueberry Dell."

Book Links are individual literature units based on "real" books as opposed to basal readers.  Each selection is a full-length, grade-appropriate book published by Journey Books, a division of Bob Jones University Press.  They are intended to enhance the reading curriculum, not replace it.

Book Links: Once in Blueberry Dell - Set

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    Publisher: BJU Press
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    Author:Dawn L. Watkins
    Grade 1
    Topic: Reading - Reading Skills and Comprehension

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