This high school curriculum is a survey course of British prose and poetry in chronological order. This makes it ideal to integrate a literature course (English credit) with a US History course.

You can think of this course as a literature in context - it combines literature with critical thinking skills, writing skills, oral speech skills, and Biblical worldview analysis. It covers a wide range of literary classics that help students wrestle with great ideas while teaching them how to communicate, both through written and spoken word.

Authors include:Chaucer, Spenser, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Milton, Defoe, Johnson, Dickens, Shelley, Conrad, Keats, Kipling, Tolkein, and Eliot. It includes prose, poetry, and drama.

Each of the 35 lessons provides background information, critical thinking and worldview questions, Biblical applications, enrichment exercises, and writing assignments that develop into a final portfolio.

The Teacher’s Edition contains the primary teaching material. It includes a CD that has printable lesson plans for a variety of setting, including homeschoolers. The separate Student workbook has comprehension questions, application exercises, and suggested assignments.

British Literature - Teacher's Edition

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