These black-and-white workbooks are designed to provide additional practice sheets for the McGuffey Readers. They include:  review of all vowel sounds, consonant sounds, consonant blends and digraphs, mixed digraphs, and paired vowels; root words and suffixes; prefixes and syllables; describing words; directions for listening and speaking; important details; choices and results; three and four-letter phonograms; excuses and reasons; characters and setting; atmosphere and mood; dictionary skills; references; outlines; spelling rules; make-believe and true stories; anticipating an outcome; interpreting an implied meaning; visualizing character, setting, and action; stating factual information; library skills; telling fact from opinion; vocal emphasis; prefixes, roots, and suffixes; context clues and structural clues; pitch; books and book parts; character, plot, and climax; and articulation.

Uses McGuffey's Second Reader, Progressive Speller, Phonics Made Plain, and the Sowers Series - Florence Nightingale.

Classic Curriculum Reading Workbook - Series 4 - Book 3

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    Grade 4
    Topic:Reading - Reading Skills and Comprehension