The Teacher's Guide provides information for introducing the lessons, teaching tips, and the answers to the exercises in the Student Textbook.

Level 7 begins with a review of factors and multiples before exploring simple number theory such a prime and composite numbers, integers, and rational numbers. Other topics include reviewing percentage and ratio, metric conversions, speed, and proportions. Algebraic terminology is introduced along with sequences, number patterns and unknowns. Simple linear equations, formulas, and inequalities are introduced. Geometry skills are also reviewed and expanded, including perpendicular lines, parallel lines, and bisectors. Data collection, probability, stem and leaf diagrams, simple statistics, and sets are also introduced.

Dimensions Mathematics 7A Teaching Notes and Solutions

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  • ISBN-10: 9814250589
    ISBN-13: 9789814250580
    Publisher: Singapore Math

    Edition: CCSS Edition
    Format: Paperback
    Page Count: 174
    Age: 12, 13
    Grade: 7
    Topic: Math, Arithmetic

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