The Home Teacher's Edition includes a CD-ROM with additional teacher resources. The Teacher's Edition contains reduced student pages with the answers imprinted in the text. It also offers lesson plans, teaching objectives, materials lists, teaching tips, background information, and extension activities.

This comprehensive economics course not only covers basic principles of economics, but also examines how these principles apply to the real world - in business firms, financial markets, governmental policies, and managing household finances.  It presents a biblical viewpoint, and stresses free market ideals.  

This is considered a one-semester course, and generally follows American Government in the last year of high school.  For those who follow the two-semester plan for government, this can be offered as an elective during the second semester.

Economics - Home Teacher's Edition

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  • ISBN-10: 1591664128
    ISBN-13: 9781591664123
    Publisher: BJU Press
    Edition: Second
    Format: Binder Style Book
    Grade 12
    Topic:Social Studies/History - Economics