This is one of five short vowel readers used in the CLP Preschool Curriculum, featuring the short  e sound. The readers have five pages of a story that uses simple sentences, one sentence per page. The words in the story are commonly used words in children's readers. Simple, one-syllable words that have the featured short vowel sound are highlighted. The idea is that most children should be able to read the highlighted words as the parent reads the rest of the sentence. These words use the CVC format (consonant, short vowel, consonant). Guidelines for teaching the sounds and other words to the child are in the back of each reader.

Even though these readers are designed to go with the CLP Preschool Curriculum, they can be used with any phonics program, particularly those that do not include basal readers.

The preschool curriculum follows CLP's relaxed yet structured approach to training. The program covers: pre-reading skills such as visual discrimination and phonemic awareness (hearing sounds); pre-math skills such as recognizing similarities and differences and counting objects; pre-penmanship skills such as holding a pencil and drawing a line; fine motor skills such as cutting and pasting; following directions; and listening.

There are 30 lessons in the program, although the Teacher's Guide includes a plan to use the weekly lessons in a 34-week academic year.

Ed Wakes Up

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