The Teacher's Edition includes objectives; materials list; teaching notes; lesson introduction; reduced student pages with answers;  connections to study, research listening, and speaking skills; and the Toolkit CD.  The Toolkit CD contains additional practice pages to print out.

This course reviews the basic parts of speech, focusing on how these parts come together in a sentence.  Sentence construction and adding interest to sentences is included.  Writing paragraphs, including the main idea and topic sentences is covered, along with punctuation, capitalization, and word usage.  Basic reading analysis skills are modeled in the context of tall tales.

Grammar skills are taught in the context of writing.  Students learn how to plan, make drafts, revise, proofread, and publish all types of writing including a personal narrative, business letter, persuasive essay, compare-contrast essay, tall tale, and research paper. The program also includes study, listening, and speaking skills.

English 4: Writing an Grammar - Home Teacher's Edition

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  • ISBN-10: 1579248373
    ISBN-13: 9781579248376
    Publisher: BJU Press
    Edition: Second
    Format: Binder Style Book
    Grade 4
    Topic:Writing/Language Arts - Grammar

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