This resource provides loads of worksheet practice for the essential kindergarten skills.  Instead it offers student practice sheets for subjects typically covered at this grade level.  

The kindergarten program begins with a developmental skills checklist and what to expect from your kindergartner.  Topics include: basic concepts and skills - colors, shapes, sizes, positions, top to bottom, right to left, capital letters, writing name/phone/address; reading readiness - letter recognition, ABC order, consonant and vowel sounds, rhyming, word recognition; math readiness - before/after, sequencing, ordinal numbers, same number, more/fewer; numbers and counting to 20; time and money; and patterns, graphing, and thinking skills.

Grade K Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills

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  • ISBN-10: 1609963296
    ISBN-13: 9781609963293
    Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing
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    Grade K
    Topic: Mathematics - Elementary Arithmetic-Reading-Unit Studies