This activity book has students guessing the covered words in a passage, which teaches reading comprehension based on context.

The passages are taken from other subject areas so that reading skills can be practiced iin the way students need: reading to learn the content. The student selects possible words that fit the context of the sentence, and then dwindles the list down as parts of the words are uncovered.

The lesson book includes 20-24 lessons with teacher instructions and reproducible student worksheets. An assessment/record-keeping chart helps monitor progress through the program. While these workbooks are designed for use with the Four Blocks program, they can be used with any phonics curriculum, or as supplemental practice for students who need additional visual practice.

Guess the Covered Word - Gr. 5

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  • ISBN-10: 0887245110
    ISBN-13: 9780887245114
    Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing
    Format: Paperback Book
    Grade 5
    Topic:Reading - Reading Skills and Comprehension

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