This history and geography diagnostic test was originally designed to determine placement in Alpha Omega’s LifePacs program. Yet it is general enough to be applicable to other structured curriculum as well, for grades 7 through12. While most placement tests use only a few exercises to determine the level to be used, these tests follow a typical scope and sequence and are substantial enough to give parents a good idea of the skills that have been learned.   

The booklet includes the Student Test and the Answer Key that can be removed when testing begins. Parents are instructed to begin testing approximately two grade levels below the student’s current or just completed level (you may opt to only go one level below) and proceed until the student gets bogged down or the material becomes too difficult. The tests are not timed in order to provide a fair picture of a student’s knowledge; however, each level should not take more than one hour.

Parents then score the test according to the instructions included in the booklets.  The advantage to this approach is that parents not only get an idea of “grade level,” they can see if there are any academic gaps (what problems were answered incorrectly) or areas of advanced skills (questions answered in a specific area beyond grade level).

The History test covers the concept of history and culture, geographic features, US history, world history, the establishing of the national government, civics, and basic economics.

History and Geography Diagnostic Test - Level 700-1200

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