Students examine the field of biology through real-world connections and data analysis. Taking advantage of technology, it uses virtual labs, animated biology simulations, interactive review games, visual concepts, and virtual investigations that affirm key biology concepts. This curriculum set consists of a hardcover Student Text and the Teacher’s One-Stop Planner CD Set that includes printable teacher resources, lesson plans, labs, and test generator with answers.

Topics covered are: introduction to biology, ecology, cells, heredity, evolution, microbes, plants, animals, and human body systems. Note: the unit on evolution does present it as a theory, but does not address other modern theories of creation and development. It does distinguish between micro- and macro evolution, but offers “evidence” for evolution without evaluating other hypotheses that could likewise explain what is being observed. It then treats the theory of changes across species as “proven.” It assumes and old earth.

Please note: This program is designed for a group classroom situation. While the curriculum can be used by homeschoolers, some of the labs included in the course require equipment and supplies that are no longer readily available. In some cases, online interactive exercises can be accessed that may include material suitable for virtual labs. Unless a student is going to pursue a medical or science field in college, these labs are not necessary to complete the course.

The Student Textbooks in this series that the publisher has released to Homeschoolers contains online supplemental information and activities scattered throughout the textbook. To date, Pearson has not figured out how they are going to release the access codes in a way that is feasible for the homeschooling market. We have opted to still carry this series since the online resources are supplemental and the course content is contained in the Homeschool Bundle you receive.

Holt Biology

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    Publisher: Holt
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    Grade: 9, 10. 11, 12
    Topic Science, Biology

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