This program balances a conceptual study of physics with quantitative problem-solving that is demonstrated in a consistent, four-step method. The method provides a framework that helps student solve problems effectively—from identifying givens and unknowns and making a diagram to evaluating the answer.

Topics covered are: the science of physics; motion in one dimension; two-dimensional motion and vectors; forces and the Laws of Motion; work and energy; momentum and collisions; circular motion and gravitation; fluid mechanics; heat; thermodynamics; vibrations and waves; sound; light and reflection; refraction; interference and diffraction; electric forces and fields; electrical energy and current; circuits and circuit elements; magnetism; electromagnetic induction; atomic physics; and subatomic physics.

The Set includes the hardcover Student Text and CD-ROM Interactive Teacher’s Edition. The CDs include teaching resources, lesson plans, downloads, tests and answer keys, and extended activities.

The Student Textbooks in this series that Pearson Learning has released to Homeschoolers contains online supplemental information and activities scattered throughout the textbook. To date, Pearson has not figured out how they are going to release the access codes in a way that is feasible for the homeschooling market. We have opted to still carry this series since the online resources are supplemental and the course content is contained in the Homeschool Bundle you receive.

Holt McDougal Physics Set

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  • ISBN-10: 0547893191
    ISBN-13: 9780547893198
    Publisher: Holt McDougal
    Format: Set
    Grade: 11, 12
    Topic: Science, Physics