This teacher's guide goes along with the first reader in Horizons 1st grade phonics program. It includes teaching tips, learning objectives, and answers.

Horizon 1 Phonics and Reading continues to develop reading skills as the students master the phonics concepts. Lessons explore the phonetic sounds and guide the student as they practice each concept.  Readers allow the student to apply the phonics concepts taught in each lesson. Memorization of phonics/spelling rules assists the student in recognizing the relationship between letters and speech sounds, a skill that will enable them to decode new words.

The Grade 1 program covers what most other phonics programs cover in the second level. Lessons 1-30 review the sound/letter connections, consonant blends, vowel pairs, suffixes, and capitalization and punctuation. Lessons 31-60 review consonant digraphs, words with "x", contractions, compound words, and suffixes. Lessons 61-160 review the phonics rules in terms of multi-syllable words, prefixes, suffixes, and writing lessons.

Horizons 1 Phonics and Reading -Teacher Handbook

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    Grade 1
    Topic:Reading - Phonics