This penmanship handbook includes teaching tips, letter formation and space, and what to look for in cursive handwriting samples. It contains reduced student pages and reproducible practice pages in the back.

The 160 lessons cover 32 weeks of instruction. The 3rd grade level is designed to provide ample practice of cursive skills. The practice passages are based on stories from Genesis. Throughout the year, students create their own book of Bible stories, with each lesson adding another part of the story.

On the first two days of the week, students practice words and sentences from the chosen text as well as learn definitions of some advanced words. Manuscript writing is reviewed on the third day to keep skills current. On the fourth day, students practice writing (in cursive) the entire quotation in preparation for writing it on a special page provided for the fifth day.

The Student Book is not included.

Horizons Penmanship 3 - Teacher Handbook - Cursive

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  • ISBN-10: 0740303759
    ISBN-13: 9780740303753
    Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications
    Format: Binder Style Book
    Grade 3
    Topic:Writing/Language Arts - Penmanship

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