Learning happens in stages, and at each stage children learn in different ways.  These different styles affect how easily material is grasped by the student.  If information is presented in a way that does not match the student's style, then it is harder to absorb.  Oftentimes, he or she will end up tuning out.  Difficulties that arise in homeschooling are often due to differences in learning styles.  

This book explains all the different aspects of learning styles, and presents them in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand format.  This lets parents get a COMPLETE picture of how their children learn (learning profile).  For each element of the profile, "clues" are given to help parents identify that particular element in their children.  Practical teaching tips are then suggested.  The biblical basis for each element of the profile is given.

One chapter shows how to put all the pieces together to enhance learning for each student, including how to choose curriculum and teaching methods.  Additional chapters discuss a biblical model for teaching and how the brain actually functions in learning.  147 pp.

How to Teach So They Can Learn

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    Author: Lori Coeman
    Topic: Teaching, Homeschool, Worldview

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