Looking for a refreshing and easy route to good writing? You’ll find it here – the meaning approach. With her typical common sense style, Dr. Beechick’s latest book speaks clearly to writers from young teens to adults.

If you have ever taught writing or tried to grade your student’s writing assignment, you know that much of writing style is subjective.  It is impossible to give precise rules for grammar. Or spelling for that matter! That’s because our language changes over time, and much of what we know about the rules of grammar and writing comes from the constraints of Latin grammar. Yet much of our language is based on English roots.

As Dr. Beechick points out, the key to good writing is writing clearly so that the reader understands the intended meaning. That’s the focus of this writing “primer” – not rigid rules and grammar. You won’t find any grammar drills, either. Grammar terms aren’t ignored – they are used as needed. And they are briefly defined in the glossary.
Instead, you will find many useful topics and practical examples to show techniques for analyzing writing, whether it is your own, your student’s, or other authors.

Writing is for the purpose of communication; above all else it must be clear. Dr. Beechick shows writers that the harder they work at clarity, the easier it is on their readers. Learn how to link sentences to keep readers from "dropping out." Find out how to do "verb writing" that is more vivid than noun writing.

Topics include making the message clear, the writing process, how to plan your writing, how to use sentences and link sentences, solving comma problems, fixing sentences, choosing words, and moving and changing words to bring even more clarity. The final chapter offers an interesting account of how our English language came to us. Reading it will probably bring you a moment of clarity, too, as you realize, “So that’s why!”

Dr. Beechick recommends that the parent read the Introduction before the student starts the book. This will give you a better feel for the book's approach and how to work with your student in evaluating his or her writing. 79 pp.

How To Write Clearly - The Meaning Approach

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  • ISBN-10: 0880620269
    ISBN-13:  9780880620260
    Publisher: Mott Media
    Format: Paperback
    Author: Ruth Beechick, Ed.D.
    Grade: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    Topic: Writing Skills