This very readable book can be used as a literature textbook or as a reference book for a literary analysis course. Written as a "real book," it contains over 75 essays from well-qualified scholars that discuss various works, authors, and literary periods. It is an exceptional roadmap to guide your exploration of the classics.

The "classics" are works of literature that have stood the test of time and are examples of good writing and language usage.

The purpose of this book as stated in the introductory matter is: "to introduce the Western literary masterworks in a clear and simple style that is mature in seriousness and tone and Christian in perspective—and in doing so, to help reawaken Western people to the vibrant heritage of these classics that are rich in themselves and in their two-thousand-year relationship to the Christian faith."  This is an immensely valuable addition to your high school literature study.

Invitation to the Classics

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