This packet contains tests that correspond to the units in the student workbook. Page numbers are given so that you can match the tests to the unit.

This program builds on the material presented at Level K, giving more practice in counting and math facts.  A few more math concepts are introduced, with review of previous concepts as well.  Topics include: numbers 0-100 (numerals and ordinals), telling time (quarter hour and minutes), place value to 100s, addition and subtraction facts to 20, doubling, renaming in addition and subtraction, tallies and charts, counting money (coins and dollar bills), seasons and calendars, thermometers, basic shapes, measurement (inches and cm), and fractions (one-half, one-third, one-fourth).

Liberty Mathematics - Level A - Tests

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  • ISBN-10: 1932971424
    ISBN-13: 9781932971422
    Publisher: Christian Liberty Press
    Format:  Misc Book
    Grade 1
    Topic: Mathematics - Elementary Arithmetic

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