This teacher's manual provides the answers as well as lesson plans for each unit. The lesson plans include objectives, suggested drills, workbook pages, new material information and teaching tips, and suggested games that provide hands-on, multi-sensory activities to introduce or cement the concept.  

This program focuses on introducing students to primary math concepts, and teaches counting and beginning math facts.  Most of the lessons center on learning to count from 0-100, and learning the addition and subtraction facts from 1-10.  Other match concepts are introduced only:  counting on a number line, basic shapes and colors, comparison of sizes, telling time to hour and half hour, counting money (coins), basic measurement (inches), and place value (bundles of ones and tens).

Liberty Mathematics - Level K Teacher's Manual

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  • ISBN-10: 1930367619
    ISBN-13: 9781930367616
    Publisher: Christian Liberty Press
    Format: Paperback Book
    Grade K
    Topic:Mathematics - Elementary Arithmetic

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