This activity workbook  introduces intermediate students to the properties of light and color. Light and color are fascinating properties of the world in which we live. What is a mirage? How do concave and convex lenses work? What’s the difference between reflected and refracted light? How does light travel? How does light work with a mirror? These questions and more are answered.

The front of the workbook provides several pages of historical perspective to this field of physical science before covering basic concepts, misconceptions, definition of terms, science standards, and science processing skills. The rest of the workbook contains Student Inquiry Activity Sheets that offer hands-on experiments and activities that correspond to the above information.

A few of the experiments require specific equipment that the average household may not have. This workbook can be used as a stand-alone program or as a supplement for any science curriculum or unit study.

Light & Color

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  • ISBN-10: 1580372503
    ISBN-13: 9781580372503
    Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing
    Format: Paperback Book
    Grade 5, 6, 7, 8
    Topic:Science - Intermediate Science