The Math 2 Reviews contains additional practice sheets for BJUP's Math 2 program. This workbook  help students master the key skills at this level, including addition and subtraction fact families.Using a home-building theme, more complex addition, subtraction, and problem-solving skills are developed.  The answers are not included: they are contained in the Math 2 teacher's guide sold separately.

Topics at this level nclude review of number facts to 18, time, money, measurement, place value to 1000, addition/subtraction of two-digit and three-digit numbers, and multiplication/division readiness.

Math 2 - Student Reviews

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  • ISBN-10: 1591664055
    ISBN-13: 9781591664055
    Publisher: BJU Press
    Edition: Third
    Format: Paperback Book
    Grade 2
    Topic:Mathematics - Elementary Arithmetic