This is the manipulatives used in the student lessons for BJUP's Math 3 program. The Student Manipulatives Packet contains visuals and manipulatives that are used to present the material in the student lessons. The manipulatives are printed on heavy card stock and are perforated for easy removal.

Topics include: addition and subtraction fact families, place value to 1 million, multi-digit addition and subtraction, using data and graphs, multiplication fact families to 5 and then 10, fractions, time, customary and metric measurement, money, division fact families to 5 and then 10, geometric terms and shapes, multiplication and division by 1-digit numbers, and decimal fractions.

Math 3 - Student Manipulatives Packet

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  • ISBN-10: 1591665159
    ISBN-13: 9781591665151
    Publisher: BJUPress
    Edition: Third
    Format: Other
    Grade 3
    Topic:  Mathematics - Elementary Arithmetic