Here's a fun and easy way to provide the necessary drill to learn math facts and operations without the tedium. The multi-sensory activities also help to cement learning, particularly since most young children are hands-on learners. Each grade level boxed set contains four games that come in their own individual boxes. Great for storage and handy access any time during the day.

Each game focuses on a different skill that is vital for learning math concepts. Every game includes a game board, four game pieces, playing cards, one die, and simple playing instructions. Designed for 2-4 players, the games can be used with a student to practice the key skills.

The four games in the Kindergarten Set are:
Missing Number Fun – leap around the lily pads to help Mr. Frog get home! Students will enjoy learning numbers 0 to 30 with this hoppy game!
Serving Up Numbers – tasty math fun with menu game cards that strengthen counting skills for number sets from 1 to 30.
Shape Adventure – gather around the campfire for this adventure in shape recognition, as camping buddies encounter shapes along the trail on their way to the campsite.
Pattern Safari – explore the jungle on this wild pattern safari with playing cards that prompt students to complete the patterns they encounter along the safari trail.

Grade K - skills covered: counting and sequencing, counting numbers in a set, identifying shapes, and patterning.

Math Learning Games - Gr. K (red)

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    Grade K
    Topic: Mathematics - Elementary Arithmetic