This unique curriculum combines phonics review, word study and usage, vocabulary development, and spelling in one resource. It is designed to help students master decoding (phonics and vocabulary development), encoding (spelling), and analyzing multiple-syllable words.

There are eight levels in the program, all of which are designed for grades 4-12. While the books do sequence in skills, students do not have to do all the books in the program. You can choose whichever book contains the skills that need to be practiced.  

The Student Workbook provides a variety of exercises that guide the student in analyzing the word list.

At this level, students work on assimilated prefixes (prefixes where the last letter changes because of the root word, such as con- and com-) and accent patterns.

Megawords 8 Student Workbook (Grade 11)

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  • ISBN-10: 0838809146
    ISBN-13: 9780838809143
    Publisher: Educators Publishing Services (EPS)
    Format: Paperback
    Page Count: 124
    Age: 16, 17
    Grade: 11
    Topic: Spelling, Vocabulary, Reading

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