The Teacher's Guide contains reduced pages of the Student Workbook with the answers imprinted on the pages. It also contains tips for teaching the lessons, planners for the lessons 3 times or 5 times a week, and learning objectives.

The lessons cover syllables, words ending in the l sound, double consonants, r-controlled words, prefixes for numbers/when/where, Latin roots, prefixes, Greek roots, words ending in ize/ise/ent/ant, noun-forming suffix ity, words ending in ary/ory, words of French origin, words from science/occupations/literature/language arts, and hurdle words.

PLEASE NOTE: To match this book to the correct student workbook, use the copyright date.

Modern Curriculum Press Spelling Workout - Level H Teacher's Guide

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  • ISBN-10: 076522495X
    ISBN-13: 9780765224958
    Publisher:  Pearson Education
    Format: Paperback

    Edition: 2002 copyright
    Page Count: 112
    Author: Phillip K. Trocki
    Age: 13, 14
    Grade: 8
    Topic: Spelling, Language Arts

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