This “coming-of-age” novel is set in the Nebraska frontier. It tells the stories of several immigrant families as they start new lives in America. The primary focus is on Antonia, the free-spirited eldest daughter of the Shimerda family from Bohemia. The story is told through the eyes of Jim Burden, an orphan who befriends Antonia and chronicles her life.

Willa Cather, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, was one of the most distinguished American writers of the early 20th century. This “classic” story, as well as the character of Antonia, is often recognized as a unique portrait of America at the turn of that century. It portrays both a community struggling with unforgiving terrain and a woman who, amid great hardship, stands as timeless inspiration.

Please note that the narrator includes his recollections about an affair with a female character as well as his feelings toward Antonia and other women.  244 pp.

My Antonia

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  • ISBN-10: 039575514X
    ISBN-13: 9780395755143
    Publisher:  Houghton-Mifflin
    Format: Paperback
    Author: Willa Cather
    Age: 16, 17, 18
    Grade: 11, 12
    Topic: Reading, Literature