This interactive black-and-white workbook contains a variety of exercises are used to help students: (1) develop vocabulary and cement automatic recall of high-frequency words, including sight words for the younger grades, (2)  analyze the words according to phonics rules, (3) use the words in sentences, and (4) other word skills such as opposites and synonyms.

Students write the answers in the book on lined spaces so that penmanship is practiced as well. The Kindergarten book has 1-inch lines while all the others half ½- inch lines; both have the dotted center guide line.

Sample words at this level include: away, blue, clean, down, every, friend, going, heard, inside, just, knee, letter, miles, quite, should, those, and number words.

My Everyday Words - Book B (Gr. 2)

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  • ISBN-10: 1931181268
    ISBN-13: 9781931181266
    Publisher: Universal Publishing
    Format: Paperback
    Page Count: 64
    Author: Thomas M. Wasylyk
    Age: 7, 8
    Grade: 2
    Topic: Vocabulary, Language Arts