This is a companion booklet to "How To Teach So They Can Learn."  In some ways, it is a prequel to the learning styles book because it gives parents the information they need to chart their homeschooling course.  It covers in more depth (no pun intended!) how to form a family mission statement (purpose), develop a philosophy of education and worldview, and set long-terms goals.  It explains the primary philosophies of education used by curriculum publishers so families can match curriculum to their needs and values.  In addition, it explains the most common teaching approaches used in homeschooling, and compares them across numerous criteria.

Navigating Through Homeschooling Waters

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  • ISBN-10: 0880621710
    ISBN-13: 9780880621717
    Publisher: Mott Media
    Format: shrink-wrapped, three-hole punch, packet
    Author: Lori Coeman
    Topic: Teaching, Homeschooling, Learning Styles

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