Too often Christians – and others – think of the historical accounts found in the Bible as mere stories. The account of Noah and the building of the Ark are particularly suspect because many people don’t believe that such an event could take place. Could a ship be constructed that would be able to survive the global flood described in Genesis? Could it be built without the modern techniques of today being available to Noah? This groundbreaking book answers both of these questions with a resounding “yes”!

Naval expert and mechanical engineer, Time Lovett, offers an innovative study of the ark and builds on traditional research using computer-aided modeling and testing. Remaining faithful to the biblical dimensions, Lovett’s updated design, similar to that of ancient sailing vessels, is based on established principles in ship design and cutting-edge research. He reveals a feasible ark design, explores the impact of flood waters on the vessel, and provides remarkable insight and analysis into the skills and techniques needed to construct it. Complete with full-color illustrations and graphics, including a fold-out scale drawing of the ark.

Noah's Ark - Thinking Outside the Box

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  • ISBN-10: 0890515077
    ISBN-13: 9780890515075
    Publisher:  New Leaf Books
    Format: Hard Cover
    Page Count: 75
    Author: Tim Lovett
    Age: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, adult
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    Topic: Bible Study