Here’s an ideal resource to help you integrate art and science together. Find more than 75 creative crafts, games, and activities using natural objects. Enjoy the outdoors as your children collect materials to make a wonderful array of imaginative projects. The crafts are simple and require almost no store-bought materials. There’s even a recipe for making paste!

The projects are filled with fun facts about nature and are designed to develop key learning skills such observation, identification, compare and contrast, organizing, and self-expression. Students also learn about being responsible in nature, reusing, reducing and recycling.

Sample projects include: making racecars out of rocks, assembling nature portraits, creating homemade paper, making a cattail vase, and designing funny grass masks. The projects can be used to supplement any science curriculum, for unit studies, or for art class.

The ages and grades listed here are from the publisher; however we feel these products can be used with preschoolers who are doing subjects with older children. They can also be used by older students who need more hands-on activities.

Organic Crafts

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    Publisher: Chicago Review Press
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    Author: Kimberly Monaghan
    Age: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
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