The Teacher's Guide explains what an analogy is, how you can use analogies, and the different kinds of analogies.  It explains how the series works and the exercise formats found in the workbooks.

The ability to "learn" comes from basic thinking skills.  The sharper the skills, the easier it is to learn - especially when it comes to more abstract material in later grades.  This series helps young students practice and master these basic skills even as they are learning to read.  

How can young children do analogies if they are just learning to read?  A "pre-analogy" section lets them practice finding similarities, categorizing, and making comparisons through picture-to-picture analogies.   Once the alphabet has been mastered, they move on to letter-picture and, ultimately, simple word-only analogies. Teaching these skills at an early age greatly enhances your child's ability to learn.

Primary Analogies - Book 1 - Teacher's Guide and Answer Key

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    Age: 5, 6
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    Topic: Vocabulary, Thinking Skills

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